A list of things to do on this wiki. Unlike the Rampo Kitan wiki list, this one doesn't have to be updated so frequently since this is predominantly ArtresLayfon's wiki, not mine.

Note: Spoilers ahoy! Plus this is not an exhaustive list.

Pages to be made

  • Type A Mieko (android, ep 3)
  • Type B Kaoru (android, ep 3)
  • Magotake Hitoyoshi (Jirou's foster dad, debuts ep 2)
  • Campe (queen of the Tartaros Bugmen, ep 2)
  • Tartaros Bugmen (ep 2)
  • Metropolitan police (ep 3, Raito's group in Shinka 42 and former group in Shinka 47)
  • GaGon (ep 4 - 5)
  • Katararezu Tomo (OP)
  • The Beginning (ED)
  • Mountain Horse (the superhuman comedy group, ep 6 - their names are Dee (bowl cut), Don (70s hippie look), Freeze (black hair) and Haru (red hair))
  • Equus (Jirou's mecha-car) - it doesn't fit under Characters though, so we'd need a separate category for it

Things to do

  • add information under each heading on each page
  • add more information on pages which don't have much on them (which is pretty much every page)
  • add pictures (in progress)
  • add videos of OP and ED to respective pages once they're made
  • add sliders aside from the one on the main page
  • create an episodes list/link to the episodes category in the top navigation
  • figure out what happened in each part of the timeline and make a timeline page with that information - this link can help, just check the latest link for the latest timeline

Note (ep 5): There was a "beast craze" that lasted a year and a half (the GaGon case was a part of it) which was succeeded by a "monster craze" (unspecified length).

  • categorise pages (in progress)
  • instead of explaining terms on each page, have a glossary page
  • have a page explaining the types of superhumans (possibly in the glossary)
  • complete glossary (in progress)
  • update Anime Adaption page's episodes section
  • change all pages to present tense (except history)