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    Things to do

    October 26, 2015 by MagicConan14

    A list of things to do on this wiki. Unlike the Rampo Kitan wiki list, this one doesn't have to be updated so frequently since this is predominantly ArtresLayfon's wiki, not mine.

    Note: Spoilers ahoy! Plus this is not an exhaustive list.

    • Type A Mieko (android, ep 3)
    • Type B Kaoru (android, ep 3)
    • Magotake Hitoyoshi (Jirou's foster dad, debuts ep 2)
    • Campe (queen of the Tartaros Bugmen, ep 2)
    • Tartaros Bugmen (ep 2)
    • Metropolitan police (ep 3, Raito's group in Shinka 42 and former group in Shinka 47)
    • GaGon (ep 4 - 5)
    • Katararezu Tomo (OP)
    • The Beginning (ED)
    • Mountain Horse (the superhuman comedy group, ep 6 - their names are Dee (bowl cut), Don (70s hippie look), Freeze (black hair) and Haru (red hair))
    • Equus (Jirou's mecha-car) - it doesn't fit under Charact…

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