Nobody Knows About the Rainbow Knight (天弓ナイトをだれもしらない Tenkyuu Naito wo Dare mo Shiranai) is the 8th episode of Concrete Revolutio. It focuses on the Juvenile Investigator BL Clan, Boys of Light.

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The BL Clan, a group of juvenile superhumans, are a modern-day hero squad not affiliated with the Superhuman Bureau. However, when they tackle a case related to the Rainbow Knight, Jirou Hitoyoshi, a Rainbow Knight fan, cannot help but get involved.[1]

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  • While Jirou and Raito are bickering about the student protests in Shinka 43 at Kanda, Emi, Kikko and Uru try out sour konbu strips while talking to a policeman and if one watches them closely, they make disgusted faces.

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