Kikko Hoshino

Kikko Hoshino (星野 輝子 Hoshino Kikko[1]) is a member of the Superhuman Bureau. She is a waitress and a magic user (also known as a "witch" or "magical girl") and like her magical brethren, Kikko must recite a word or line to transform - hers is "Meteorterre". She has a crush on Jirou Hitoyoshi.[1][2]

Appearance Edit

Kikko has short eminence colored hair and brown eyes. She wears a royal blue mini dress with golden buttons. The dress has a white collar with a dark pink bow, having the bow on the back of Kikko and not the front. The sleeves of the dress are a darker blue with four golden cuff buttons. She wears a brown garter with navy blue ankle booties.

As a magical girl, she houses Uru between her cleavage. Her hair becomes lavender and she wears an extravagant dress. She uses a staff that is topped with a star ornament, although she can also use this staff while untransformed.

In her devil realm outfit Kikko is wearing full on black with much less coverage. She wears a cape, unusual helmet that borders her face, and uses a weapon called "Comet Tail" that seems to come out of Ullr's star.

History Edit

Kikko was recruited into the Superhuman Bureau by Jirou while at work in July of the 41st year of the Shinka era.[2]

As of episode 11 of the anime, it is revealed that Kikko is the future queen of the devil realm.

Trivia Edit

  • Kikko's apartment unit and the ones surrounding it were made "mainly as residences for single women".[3]

References Edit

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