Hyouma Yoshimura

Hyouma Yoshimura

Hyouma Yoshimura (芳村 兵馬 Yoshimura Hyōma) is a support member of the Superhuman Bureau and a superhuman. He is in his 30s.[1]

Appearance Edit

He wears a leather jacket, black boots, a beige scarf, a blue shirt and white/black striped pants. He also wears fingerless gloves.

Another version of him wears a black and green bodysuit.

Personality Edit

He doesn't speak much[1], although whether there is an important reason behind it is unknown. However, when a second version of Hyouma arrives in the current timeline, he suddenly starts speaking more.

History Edit

How he got his powers is unknown.[1]

Spoilers start here.

Three versions of him exist in the current timeline - his current self, his future self from the Time Patrol (also known as simply Jaguar, who wears the leather jacket) and his future self from the IQ (also known as Akira, who wears a black and green suit). The version that exists with the Bureau is the Time Patrol version, and he was one of the founding members of the Bureau. In the universe with Time Police, superhumans do not exist so Hyouma came to change that fact by founding the Bureau.

There is a version of Hyouma known as "Super Jaguar" but which version that is is unknown.

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Abilities Edit

Transformation: He is able to transform into a leopard-like creature, both partially[2] and fully[3]. This allows him to use super speed[2] and allows him to climb up walls.[3] This is also where his moniker Mr Jaguar (as used by Kikko and most other members of the Bureau) comes from. When morphing his legs, his clothes have to give way. It is also possible to ride his jaguar form.[4]

Stopping Time: First seen in episode 3, he is able to stop time and control how long he stops it for.[5] This is done by the use of his watch, which has a clock emblem and the initials T.P (Time Patrol) on it. The watch was created as a result of research into time travel, leaving Kikko to point out it is a "chicken or egg question".

Knowledge: He is described as a "genius physicist" at one point, and created Equus. Equus was made before IQ. [3]

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