Emi Kino

Emi Kino (鬼野 笑美 Kino Emi) is a core member of the Superhuman Bureau. She is actually a half-human, half-youkai ("ogre" as youkai in the Funimation subs).

Appearance Edit

Emi is seen having light pink hair and pink eyes. She wears a white and blue outlined coat. Underneath the coat she seems to wear a dark gray long sleeved shirt with the sleeves coming up and cutting off at her knuckles. This is coupled with a cranberry pencil mini skirt and very high dark gray boots with heels and golden buttons.

History Edit

She and Jiro have been living with each other since they were in elementary school.[1]

Abilities Edit

  • Bird controlling - By whistling, she can command birds. The birds call her their "princess".[2]
  • Shapeshifting - She is capable of taking on human disguises, given she has a model (a person she has seen before).[2] Her real appearance is that of a human with a fox head (which would mean that her youkai heritage would be that of a kitsune).
  • ??? - She is able to shut down Jiro's power, and is the only one capable of doing so.
  • Kitsune (fox) controlling - She has been seen to be able to control spirit-like foxes that reside inside her.

References Edit

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