Earth chan

Earth chan as she appeared before the riots.

Earth-chan is a robot superhuman who gets involved with the fighting of kaijuu ("beasts" in the Funimation subtitles). The tabloids mention her, but the magazines that cover her receive wrong information about her powers.[1]

Appearance Edit

She is shorter than Judas. She has blonde hair, large blue eyes (with cataracts that look like a twinkling star) that go dull when she transforms into a satellite, and her fingers pop out of metallic spheres that serve as her palm. Initially, she wears a light violet top that goes over a pink dress. She wears a golden ring around her waist area and black leggings with yellow shoes that have a light purple guard. She also has a headphone set with two pink stars. She is surrounded by the metal pegs of the satellite when in humanoid form and uses them as projectile weapons.

In the second season after being damaged, she dons a red and yellow top over a black and red dress. Her headphones now appear to be a gas mask. Jiro also notes that she feels heavier due to having upgrades, such as butterfly wings that help her fly in humanoid form.

With the help of Kikko's magic, Earth chan is able to dream and dreams herself to be a small girl with long blonde hair in a white sailor's uniform and normal appendages.

History Edit

Somewhere between July and August of Shinka 41, Earth-chan defeated a jellyfish kaijuu.[1]

In Shinka 47, Earth-chan has been put into a sort of coma in Ikuta Laboratory Annex. Judas, Jirou and Megasshing come to "restore" her.

Abilities Edit

  • Super strength: Earth-chan is able to toss the jellyfish kaijuu without any trouble.[1]
  • Transformation: She is able to switch between a spherical satellite form and a human form. The human form is surrounded by metal poles.
  • Flight/levitation: Earth chan lives in orbit and flies back to earth at high speeds to help people.
  • Super hearing: She hears from outside the bar when Hikaru declares he is going to a protest march.
  • Partial brain wave detection: she can detect when a person needs help and feels pleasure by knowing they are in danger. It was hypothesized by Jiro that she was intended to cause harm but instead fights evil.

Trivia Edit

  • She is shown in both of her pre-Shinjuku-riots forms as part of a display in episode 15 (Shinka 44, as part of the Osaka World Expo).

References Edit

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